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What we need to know before buying Art?

  • Producing original artwork takes time and involves funds! And the artist take all the risks. He bets on his talent to cover his financial and social investments. Moreover, he is seldom backed up by his entourage!
  • We know that the risks are taken by only the artist! So the artist looks to be rewarded for his bravery! Unfortunately, his bravery is largely ignored by the buyer, who, with reason, don’t want to judge an artwork on “the solitude of the artist” but rather on the international Art Market prices. That situation create a huge misunderstood.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic created the biggest recession in the art market since the 2009 global financial crisis. Unlike that period, however, virtually all of the mid-sized and larger art markets, including China, experienced a drop in sales values in 2020. Global sales of art and antiques reached an estimated $50.1 billion, down 22% on 2019. This was the art
    market’s second year of declining sales, bringing values down by 27% since 2018

Ricardo Casal Comment: For further information consult the Global Art Market Report. The PDF is down bellow!

Consult the Art Basel And UBS Global Art Market Report


  • Be familiar with the International canvas sizes: “F” for “Figure”, “P” for “Paysage” and “M” for “Marine”)
  • 1 point is equal to: “F” (18×14), “P” (18×12), or “M” (18×10) cm. Example: a “20 F” (or 20 Figure) 72×60 cm, is equal to “20 points”.
  • The value of the “Point” is interconnected with the “selling history”  the “fame” of the artist and, if so, the gallery network. You have to understand that! The point’s value of a famous artist will be higher than the point of an unknown artist.

Ricardo Casal comment: Makes sense now?… If not, download the PDF bellow…


PDF: “Sizes vs Points and Prices”

  • Buying art, specially now, is a great opportunity since the drop of 25% in the prices, but also because of “the everything bubble” in the traditional stock market. Alike all tangible wealth, art is wealth. Tangible wealth! We “the artists” are contributing to produce wealth.
  • If you know “how, when, what and where” to buy, you can tread your art infinitely. And most important, the value will follow the inflation for decades.
  • Easy to see the profits here!…

Buying Art from Ricardo Casal?

  • Based on my selling history and my fame, my point worth: 130 US$. But, as written previously, and following the International Art Market prices, a drop of 25% is applicable during the COVID pandemic.
  • So, my point in 2021 worth: 95 US$.
  • Ricardo Casal comment: “For further information, download my Biography – here -, and my Kit Press – here -! You can also consult my page – Oils sold – to take a look at the paintings I had sold across Europa and Asia.
    • The sizes of these painting “Bodburon Fish”, are 50×75 cm. The international measurement in this example is equal to “ 20 points”.
    • Ricardo Casal. Artist
    • So!!
    • The price of “Bodburon Fish” is:
    • Point’s value of Ricardo Casal = 98 US$ x 20 points = 1 950 US$ or (98 000 PHP
  • It’s a contract who allow a group of partners – two, tree – or more, to get involved with the artist during the process of creation. They buy a piece of art before its achievement at a lower price.
  • This disposition gives a great feeling of comfort and freedom to the artist. It’s a virtuous collaboration for all because they are link together and focus on the same goal: producing art and giving a greater value!
  • For a complete information, you can download a contract type down bellow.

Art Class with Ricardo Casal?

  • The tuition during the COVID pandemic, and for a single student, is 10k ! This package is all include in the course of 4 cessions of 5 to 6 hours. During these 4 cessions the student will acquire the basic knowledge in the oil painting technics (the necessary material – canvas, oil, solvent and brushes – are include in this package).
  • Class start around 9 AM and finished at 3/4 PM. Total hours in class vary between 20/24 hours.
  • If two students joined together, a discount of 20% is applicable.
    Once the student pass these 4 cessions, he can buy time at the studio. Each day of class (5 hours) is 2k.
  • To reserve a class, get in contact with Ricardo Casal. Send him a message!
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